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Where mountain meets sea, nestled on the cool, moistened foot lands of Japan’s beautiful Mt Fuji, conditions are ripe for cultivating the highest quality green tea in the world. It is here, that for hundreds of years, generations of tea growers have perennially nurtured the very finest tea leaf, to serve Japan’s most honoured tradition. Mycha​ has partnered with fifth generation Family Growers and Master Processor/Blenders to deliver you the ultimate tea drinking experience.

Our select fine teas, deliver unsurpassed health benefits, taste, texture and flavour. Hermetically sealed to retain all the subtle tones and healthful vitality, ​Mycha​ Green Tea is the pinnacle of excellence and your guarantee of ongoing satisfaction. We invite you to enjoy our culture, our passion and our world of green tea.

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MYCHA is an Australian/Japanese family business passionate about sharing with others the true depths & delights of authentic Japanese Green Tea.

This is also about a tradition that goes back 1400 years. Amazingly, the health benefits of green tea were being recognised even then. The Zen monks were right on to it and the Japanese have been living longer than any other race on earth, ever since.

So for our family, this tradition and drinking good tea is everything, always has been;

A few words from the co-founder F. Yamamoto “As a young child I would help my grandmother whilst she meticulously prepared tea samples for tomorrow’s customers. She was of an earlier era and could relate all these amazing stories. Like that of the ‘Restoration’ or Meiji Period This was when the 700 year old Samurai Class was being abruptly dismantled, as Japan sought modernisation. A few of these noble Samurai, reinvented their sense of honour and place, by becoming tea growers to the Aristocracy and Political Classes.

For Samurai, perfection was everything. A way of life. For them, Tea made sense​.

And so it is for our family today.
Ultimately, our hope is to communicate a deeper experience of the high art-of-tea.
From a holistic standpoint this involves more than superb tea and ceremony, be it in the intimacy of home or quietly at work.
When you participate in drinking tea with us, you will literally be experiencing hundreds of years of conscious collaboration with nature. This is the ‘DNA’ of our heritage.
A cultural and practical expression in a never ending quest for perfection…

Our ‘​Secret ​’, which also lives in the plant, soil and place, is a truly living embodiment which becomes the tea we drink. And hence, a part of who we are, living a long and healthy life.

Five generations of Tea Growers, Processors and Merchants are the backbone of MYCHA​.  It is our honour, indeed great happiness, to present for your enjoyment and satisfaction the worlds finest Green Tea , the way it was always meant to be. Perfect​.

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