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Where mountain meets sea, nestled on the cool, moistened foot lands of Japan’s beautiful Mt Fuji, conditions are ripe for cultivating the highest quality green tea in the world. It is here, that Mycha tea leaves are grown, shaded, harvested and slowly grinded into the amazing superfood we and our bodies have grown to love.
Mycha has partnered with fifth generation Family Growers and Master Processor/Blenders to deliver you the ultimate Matcha experience.
Our selection delivers unsurpassed health benefits, taste, texture and flavour. Hermetically sealed to retain all the subtle tones and healthful vitality, ​Mycha​ Matcha is the pinnacle of excellence and your guarantee of ongoing satisfaction. We invite you to enjoy our culture, our passion and our world of green tea.












Other Antioxidant Sources

units measured according to the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) scale of antioxidant levels.

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Matcha Green Tea Powder is made by stone grinding specialised Green Tea leaf into a finely powdered form. Amazingly, up to 36% of green tea leaf weight is comprised of highly active ingredients. This means then, that the whole of the tea leaf, with all its highly beneficial content, gets dissolved into the tea you are drinking. Whereas, with normal brewed green tea, a large percentage of active ingredients remain ‘locked up’ in discarded tea leaves.

The energy and health giving properties of Matcha Green Tea Powder therefore, can be up to 30 times more potent than an ordinary cup of green tea. To further enhance these properties, Green Tea leaf assigned for Matcha production during cultivation, is subjected to special shaded conditions for several weeks of the growing cycle, to accelerate levels of chlorophyll, caffeine and amino acids like L-Theanine.

The amazing properties of Matcha were first discovered by Zen Monks 1400 years ago, whom no doubt, found their meditations significantly enhanced. Over hundreds of years the venerable art of tea ​(matcha)​ ceremony evolved and became a cornerstone of Japanese culture and drinking Green Tea generally, a national staple.

Today, the whole world is discovering the importance of green tea and most especially, the magic of Matcha.



Supercharge your daily energy levels!

The Smart Way to Energise with Caffeine

Matcha is packed full with caffeine for quick, ​sustained energy​.
The caffeine in a typical cup of coffee is absorbed in just 30 minutes which often leads to the habit of drinking cup after cup of coffee just to maintain the same level of alertness. ​Compare that to Matcha​ – after just a single cup you’ll have the energy., concentration and focus to keep you going for hours. A single bowl of Matcha can keep you in a hyper-alert state for between 3-6 hours!

That’s because Matcha is​ unique ​in its​ ​combination of bioactive compounds.
It can both stimulate the nervous system and​ ​relax the brain at the same time. With the help of the ​amino acid​ L-Theanine, abundant in Matcha, caffeine is released in a more measured way and energy is therefore prolonged. But so is the ability to concentrate and remain focussed, for hours.

Stay energised and clear all day. No more caffeine burn-outs.

Furthermore, because your body is able to quickly consume and absorb the nutrients in Matcha powder, delicious snacks made with it are an ideal replacement for fast food on the go, which can place huge stress on your system.


Skin Care & Matcha

It’s hard not to get excited when looking at all the benefits of Matcha. But where our skin is concerned, it’s ​impossible to ignore.

Helps your Skin look and feel beautiful

Drinking ​quality,​ delicious Matcha every day, is a sure way to healthy, beautiful skin. Mycha’a Matcha is packed full of essential nutrients and then sealed for freshness.

The copious amounts of Vitamin B2 in ​Matcha​ ​is vital in maintaining ​collagen​ levels for ​youthful skin​ ​structure and firmness​. High levels of Vitamin E support ​new skin cell growth​ and act as an intense hydrator to help keep your skin ​soft and nourished.

The powerful antioxidant ​EGCG​ in Matcha, helps fight DNA damage from UV rays and is a valuable ​Anti-Aging ​tool. Importantly, this antioxidant also accumulates below the skin’s surface and is thought to help fight skin cancers. And…​thanks to a high content of polyphenols called catechins, Matcha can also help to reduce acne, swelling, irritation and annoying redness in sensitive skin.


Contains Earths highest level of antioxidants

Matcha Green Tea Powder far​ outweighs even some of the most powerful superfoods​ we know of today. It contains over six times the antioxidants in goji berries, seven times the antioxidants in dark chocolate, 17 times more antioxidants than blueberries, and 60 times the antioxidants found in spinach.
And that’s just in one teaspoon!

Matcha contains​ 137 times more of the potent antioxidant known as EGCG​ found in regular green tea. EGCG is a part of the antioxidant family known as catechins, which have been linked to better heart health, healthy metabolism, improved aging and a slew of studies over the last decade dealing with everything from skin care to prevention of degenerative diseases.

The primary value of antioxidants is to neutralise free radicals which roam our body and attack healthy cells.

Matcha is also a powerful source of fiber, chlorophyll and important vitamins such as vitamin C, selenium, chromium and zinc. A true Superfood.


So easy. So Convenient!

A healthy lifestyle on the go is always a challenge​ but Matcha brings an impressive

level of convenience and slew of benefits in tow.

Our Customers love Matcha Tea because it takes no time at all to make! It’s simply a powdered, ground form of green tea, (​but many times more potent​) that you just dissolve into some hot (not boiling) water.
So much easier than brewing traditional green tea, Matcha can be used in so many ways. Kick-start the day with a cup of matcha tea or matcha latte. Even just putting a teaspoon into whatever food is already being prepared, sweet or savoury, is simple. Add Matcha and stir!

Use as a supplement for other drinks or foods e.g. smoothies, protein shakes as a booster or as an ingredient in raw cooking, baking, salad dressings, dips and seasonings​.

MATCHA!…. Less time-consuming and extremely good for you. What’s not to love! Mycha Tea Co u​ ses only the finest quality green tea leaf available.


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