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Most Green tea contains caffeine, the active ingredient in ENERGY drinks and of course, coffee.

The amount of caffeine can vary, eg. My Cha’s ​Mecha​ Tea can be likened to the ‘expresso’ of Green Tea. Mecha can provide you with a real boost of energy that helps you get through the day. Studies support this, showing that ​drinking green tea regularly can help with energy and endurance​. This is because the caffeine in green tea is released more evenly over time than say coffee, due to the unique balance of other natural chemicals.

If Matcha is more your style (powdered tea) t​his delicious, finely ground powder​ is known for its macro-boosting effect — ENERGY, antioxidants and disease-fighting properties, among others, are amplified significantly because it is made from grinding the leaf ( as against brewing it). Not only is a great deal more extracted from the leaf but a staggering 30% of dry leaf weight is made up of active ingredients.

When it comes to energy, Matcha and Mecha are head and shoulders above other caffeinated beverages for one simple reason: they won’t give you the ​dreaded caffeine crash​ because Green Tea contains an amino acid (called L-theanine) that reduces anxiety, high blood pressure and fights off coffee jitters.

L-theanine has a calming effect, producing dopamine and also alpha (brain) waves which help us to focus for sustained periods.

Although the energising benefits of green tea can be tempting, be sure to practice moderation and, most importantly, listen to your body. Green tea can be safely consumed in large amounts​ (and a higher quantity may even increase the health benefits), but if you have a sensitive stomach, are pregnant, or ​tend to be caffeine sensitive​ for example, limiting your intake is probably a good idea.