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GREEN TEA – ​THE SECRET Way To Lose Weight Permanently

There has probably been more written about weight loss than just about any other topic. Countless diets, fads and weight loss programs contribute to $Billions being made every year peddling this or that latest craze – but which is right for you?

The truth is there may not be one right way. But there is no denying that Green tea has an important part to play in managing our weight, whichever course we take.

FACT:​ “The Japanese live longer and slimmer than any other nation on earth ​and everyone drinks green tea all the time”.​ ​So what is it about green tea that makes it so attractive?

THE​ ​SECRET​ ​IS​, Green tea contains lots of powerful flavonoids and antioxidants called ‘​catechin polyphenols​’. These are known to accelerate weight loss.

More specifically, these polyphenols stimulate the central nervous system and cause fat to be released into the bloodstream. ​The body then burns this as fuel​ – ​Very simple​.
This process of fat being converted to energy is called “​thermogenesis​”.

Recent studies have shown that green tea can even induce fat burn while you are resting.

Lose weight – Even While You Dream about losing weight!

In essence, research shows regular daily cups of Green Tea over the long term assist your body to maintain optimum weight, by burning off those additional calories each day.

Li​ttle steps ​add up over time​!​ What works for someone in Japan could also work for you.

In summary, while Green tea is assisting with your weight loss, it is also greatly benefiting your health in so many other ‘​health & life​ – ​giving’​ ways. A whole – of – body impact that undoubtedly contributes to the Japanese tendency for long life and staying slim.

Whatever weight loss regime you are on, including Green Tea into your daily weight management routine is clearly a smart habit to nurture and enjoy.

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