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Skin care


​“​ MYCHA​ ​Green Tea, perfected over centuries,​ for beautiful skin”

It’s hard not to get excited when looking at all the benefits of Green tea.

But where our skin is concerned, it’s ​impossible to ignore.
It was ​monumental​, for 7th Century Japanese Zen monks when they first stumbled upon Green Tea.

Now here we are 1300 years later, discovering Green Tea all over again…and it still is.

At ​Mycha​ ​Tea Co ​we are passionate about making green tea’s ​ancient secrets​ relevant as modern day solutions a​nd our ​best-of-crop, ‘​Multi-tasking’ Teas​ do this in spades.

When busy lives struggle to accommodate all the info we have to process every day, simple solutions are a must. ​MYCHA​ ​Tea d​elivers on that with multiple benefits, all in just one perfect cup of tea.

Make your Skin look and feel beautiful

Drinking ​quality,​ delicious Green Tea every day, is a sure way to healthy, beautiful skin. Our quality teas are packed full of essential nutrients and then sealed for freshness.

The copious amounts of Vitamin B2 in ​Mycha Tea​ ​is essential in maintaining ​collagen​ levels for youthful skin​ ​structure and firmness​,​  ​all while enjoying a great cup of tea!

High levels of Vitamin E support ​new skin cell growth​ and act as an intense hydrator to keep your skin ​soft and nourished. ​(science)​ ​​Have another cup!

The powerful antioxidant ​EGCG​ fights DNA damage from UV rays and is a valuable ​Anti-Aging ​tool. Importantly, this antioxidant also accumulates below the skin’s surface, to fight skin cancers.

And…​thanks to a high content of polyphenols called catechins, ​MYCHA​ Green Tea can also help to reduce acne, swelling, irritation and annoying redness in sensitive skin. ​​

Nature is amazing and ​MYCHA TEA Co d​ raws on five generations of experience to ensure that the highest beneficial qualities in Green Tea faithfully reach you.

To nourish your skin and body, while leaving you energised and focussed for the day ahead.

MYCHA Tea s​pecialises in the finest Green Teas, which have taken centuries to perfect. ​Our five generations of Tea growers, Processors and Merchants are your guarantee of satisfaction

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