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Allergy Relief,
Benifuuki tea (Camellia sinensis L. cv. Benifuuki) is a special cultivar (black tea variety) of Japanese Green Tea, which was introduced in the Japanese market by Japanese breeders only in 1993.

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The name translates directly in Japanese as “Red riches and honor”. Due to its particular health effects improving allergies, hay fever and eczema demand has skyrocketed. This can be attributed to Benifuuki containing a unique high content of methylated catechins and the highest content of EGCG in all teas. The plant, developed in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima, in 1965, is a cross between the varieties Assamica and Sinensis, known as “Benihomare” and “Makura CD86”. It was not until much later then right seedling was selected and in 1993 was finally registered and introduced.

dissolve 1.5 grams of the powdered tea with 200 ml (6.6 oz) of hot water. Drink twice per day.

The Makura CD86 (CD86 枕) tea plant is very special and originates in India’s most famous tea region – Darjeeling. Benihomare is a common Assamica-strain and found throughout India and Sri Lanka. Benifuuki shows a particularly high resistance to disease and can be grown using only very small quantities of pesticides. The initial purpose for the development of this tea was to use the specific health benefits of the more modest and more productive Assamica-variety in combination with the more significant and superior Sinensis variety. The Benifuki is therefore also called partly “Japanese Oolong”.

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