Sushi Green Tea Cups for Pure Japanese Green Tea

Sushi Cup

Green Tea Cup type that became slightly popular during the Edo period from abroad was the Annan ware from Vietnam (Annam), which were originally used there as rice bowls. Annan ware is blue and white, with a high foot.

Sushi Cup – Drink Japanese green tea in over-sized SUSHI cup as a palate cleanser, and catechin in green tea has antibacterial activity against microorganisms.

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Agari is the green tea which is served at sushi restaurants. This green tea is called 'Konacha' which comprises the rejected buds, tiny leaves, and the tea ‘dust’, a natural by-product from the processing of gyokuro or sencha tea leaves. The light, fresh-tasting tea complements the complex, multi-layered flavours of sushi and raw fish. Because it is made from small pieces of tea leaves, it can be brewed in 30 to 60 seconds and needs to be strained with a fine mesh strainer. It is served unusually hot. The clean-tasting beverage helps cleanse the palate and wash off the fish oils.

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