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People have been drinking tea for​ ​thousands of years but it is G​reen Tea, with its unrivaled properties which has earned it the World’s No1 spot, when it comes to taste, texture, ​health and vitality​.

Green Tea has the unique ability to both ​stimulate​ the nervous system ​(like coffee)​ yet simultaneously​ relax the mind. ​Thus making it the ‘smart’ source for sustained caffeine intake, by reducing caffeine’s unwanted side effects.

Furthermore, a unique​ combination​ of the bioactive compounds Caffeine and L-Theanine (an amino acid), have been shown to improve ​Mental Performance​.

Caffeine energises our brain, whilst L-Theanine creates both alpha waves sharpening our focus, and dopamine, which calms and relaxes the whole person. A ​Perfect formula​ for sustained concentration in almost any mental endeavour.

This was not lost on ZEN Monks who first discovered the benefits of green tea 1400 years ago in China and then transferred this knowledge to Japanese culture.

However, besides optimising mental capacity, it has also become evident over time that a host of other health benefits can also be variously attributed to green tea.

Nowhere is the evidence more compelling than the longevity of the Japanese, who routinely live to over 100 years and drink copious amounts of green tea every day.

Scientific researchers have long identified the abundance of Polyphenols in Green tea as the prime health giving dynamic. A huge ​30% of dry leaf weight​ is made up of Polyphenals and the related Catechin ‘EGCG’ ​(-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate. Green Tea is also a powerful source of antioxidants, vital to sustained wellbeing.

S​ uchistheefficacyofGreenTea.Theanecdotalevidencespanscenturiesanda growing body of medical research continues to probe its many & various secrets.

Matcha, ​(traditionally a ceremonial tea)​ has recently become a global phenomenon in the ever growing quest for ​‘Wellness’. ​Matcha is the powdered form of the tea leaf and therefore carries the highest concentrations of polyphenols.

It has been linked to a whole spectrum of life giving and beneficial outcomes. From skin care and weight loss to research in degenerative diseases.

MY CHA provides two grades of Matcha – Ceremonial Grade (Matcha Gold) and a high quality, Culinary Grade (Matcha), for Cooking, Lattes, Smoothies and Sweets.

​Forthosewho​wishtoavoidcaffeine​butenjoyotherbenefitsofGreenTea, Kukicha, is a naturally LOW Caffeine blend that is extra high in the amino acid L- Theanine.

In summary, hot or cold, Green Tea works. ​It‘s simple math. Suffice to say that Japan’s average life expectancy overwhelmingly speaks for itself.

At My Cha Tea, your well being is our business too. We only use the very finest grades, to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. We invite you to join us for tea.

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